Deconstructing Our Mission: Part 5

The last element of our mission is our partnership with parents. When we lived in Belgium, my kids went to a little Montessori school.  I reached out to volunteer and was rebuffed with a strong message that “parents are not necessary here.”  When they later found out that I was Montessori-trained, I was pulled in as a substitute teacher and I got to know them better.  There was a deep cultural sentiment there — in Europe in general — that educators are the experts and parents should let them do their thing.

We do not subscribe to that philosophy at The Fulton School. There is an old adage, “It takes a village to raise a child. We want to be your village.  All of us working together with similar philosophies and approaches create a secure and healthy network for your child to depend on. They will hear similar messages about character, decisions, skills, and knowledge in a variety of ways from a variety of voices.  This synergy provides an incredible foundation for them as they launch into adulthood.  It empowers them in a way that simply learning to read or to do math never could; it empowers them in a way that mixed messages never could.

Your partnership with our teachers, including your child’s voice as they develop it, is absolutely key to the strength of the school…and ultimately key to the self confidence of your child.