Deconstructing Our Mission: Part 3

I am continuing with a breakdown of our mission and philosophy — they are the compass we use to create your child’s experience here.

Our values elaborate on the implementation of the mission.  We’ve identified four major values over the years. The first, and in many ways the most all-encompassing, is the Montessori philosophy.  Very few schools have a philosophy to follow; they piece together a mix of tradition, staff personalities/influences, texts (texts represent a philosophy for their subjects), current fashion, and default chance.

The Montessori pedagogy provides us with more than 100 years of theory, backed up by almost as many years of child psychology and learning theory (Dr. Montessori started her first school in the early 20th century, and these fields really took off after World War II). This philosophy provides a continuity from the youngest students to the oldest students that would be difficult to manufacture.  Our classroom experience, teacher relationships, and curricular engagement should “feel” very similar no matter the age of the student. It changes as their developmental needs change and cultural expectations evolve, but the core expectations and goals really don’t change.  And we believe that this environment is the best context for children to develop into the best version of themselves possible.

Our Values

We believe the Montessori philosophy provides the best opportunity to build confidence, character, and leadership in students.   

We dedicate ourselves to building a joyful, inspired, educational community that develops communication skills, critical thinking skills, and creativity in every child through relevant, hands-on, student-centered teaching.  

We celebrate a diversity of cultures, learning styles, talents, and personal goals.

We create a partnership between parents, teachers, and students, knowing that parental involvement is key to the success of the students and the school.

Our Promise to Parents

To rethink education, making the Fulton School an extension of your home, cultivating your children’s capabilities and character to best equip them for the future.