Deconstructing Our Mission: Part 2

Our Mission 

To provide an academically challenging and supportive environment where students gain the knowledge and skills needed to become globally minded citizens with a passion for life and learning. 

Traditionally, school has been about basic reading, writing, and arithmetic–basic skills that are fantastic to know, but, well, basic!  At TFS, we aim bigger, broader and higher.  We aim to empower children with the knowledge and skills they need to enjoy and contribute to a meaningful life in the 21st century (more on 21st century skills later in our philosophy).  We want them to read, write and compute, but we want them to know how to travel, how to talk to people they don’t know, and how to identify and leverage their own strengths.

Dr. Montessori talked about students gradually finding their place in the world as their world grows from mom and dad, to home, to school, to community, and beyond.  When children have a strong sense of place in the world, they are more confident to approach and interact with the world around them. With a wide range of skills and information in their pockets and a strong sense of who and where they are, they are ready to create a more meaningful life for themselves.

At TFS, we want to be more than collegepreparatoryWe want to be lifepreparatory.