Our Mission – Part 5: Diversity of Cultures

At Fulton School, we celebrate a diversity of cultures, learning styles, talents, and personal goals.  Our definition of diversity is big, and our dreams for our students are even bigger.  We don’t want to merely “tolerate” differences (although sometimes that’s necessary), but we hope to instill a true appreciation in our students who will spend a majority of their childhood feeling bad about the ways they are different.

We want the quiet kids to appreciate the gregarious kids.

We want the talkative kids to appreciate the pensive kids.

We want the creative types to appreciate the linear thinkers and logical minds to enjoy the subjective minds.

We want our students to understand what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes, to have a sense of respect for various races, religions, world views, and cultures (even varying family cultures within the suburbs).

All of this information and experience contribute to the children’s own sense of pride in who they are–a frank acknowledgement of their strengths–and to their developing gratefulness for others in their lives.

This tone of true appreciation helps children take risks and develop self-confidence, kindness, empathy, and community.  We hope it removes unhealthy pressures and unnecessary obstacles. And ultimately, we hope it makes the world a little bit better place.

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