Preparing for Life

We talk about being both college preparatory and life preparatory at Fulton School, and we differentiate it from being college “application” preparatory. Our culture can get distracted by the application process, focusing on college admissions while forgetting to prioritize what happens after the students matriculate to college, live on their own, begin working professionally, and making relationship choices along with a variety of decisions that will affect the rest of their lives.

After students have chosen their colleges, they need the skills to be successful in a very independent environment.  Teaching a student how to learn is one of the most pervasive goals here (and fits snugly in the middle of valuing process over product and treating each child as an individual).

Some of the most important character skills your child can learn while they’re here are: self motivation, self discipline, self advocacy, delayed gratification, working through difficult relationships, sticking with something when it’s hard or boring, getting along within a group, and developing a solid sense of self.

Academically, we want students to have solid writing, critical thinking, and mathematical skills (versus regurgitating data they’ve memorized and no skills to do anything with that data).

Skill development is more of an art than a science.  It is an imprecise dance that changes a little with each student and teacher.  It is counter-cultural, so there is little training for teachers and little precedent for parents. Because of this, our partnership with you (the parent) is important. Your buy-in to the program is critical.

The more we all work together, the more we see the gradual transformation of our children into confident, enthusiastic adults, ready to tackle college and life with purpose and capability.

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