No Ceilings. No Hiding Places.

In our society we often believe that bigger is better. Actually, bigger is often better.  Bigger schools have more course options, larger social networks, and more money available for the “extras.”  But smaller has advantages too.  We are flexible and nimble, offer relationships over bureaucracy, and know your child very well.  We describe this space we create as one that has no ceilings and no hiding places.

Children at TFS have the opportunity to shoot ahead in math, to write their hearts out, to play sports that they often wouldn’t have access to (or thought they were interested in), and to develop communication and leadership skills that would likely lie dormant or unnoticed in a larger environment.  This is what we mean by no ceilings–we cannot offer every possible elective, but we can offer a chance to race against yourself.

Quieter students, kids who don’t fit in the “box” of traditional education, or children who are hesitant to take risks for a variety of reasons will often try to hide from their peers, their teachers, or even their own talents and skills.  Our small, nurturing environment creates a safe, well-lit place for kids to emerge. This no ceilings atmosphere is contagious, and those kids who used to hide will find themselves thriving beyond what they thought possible.

Our small size becomes our advantage, creating safety and nuance for our students to blossom and become the person they were meant to be.

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