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Process Over Product

In January I’m focusing on our mission through TFS “mantras” — phrases we use or you might hear that represent our mission in an informal way. Last week I wrote about being a forest rather than an orchard. This is not … Continue reading

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The Forest vs. The Orchard

With the usual January buzz in the air about goals and resolutions, I’ve been thinking about priorities and change.  Educators are actually on a cycle where new plans and new changes kick off in August, so quite often January is simply a reminder … Continue reading

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Child Development: Week 5

Adolescence, Part 2 As I mentioned previously, Dr. Montessori observed that one goal of adolescence is social independence (physical and mental independence come during the first two years).  Jean Piaget wrote about the process of growing out of egocentrism (the … Continue reading

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Quality Time (Not “Perfect” Time)

As I perused Facebook during break and scrolled through the photos of projects and travels and get togethers, I was struck by two seemingly contradictory messages coming from parents.  The first was how many clearly wonderful things were happening: fathers … Continue reading

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