The Pressure of Perfect Parenting

Shown here: Me with Fulton School founder (my mom) Dr. Barb Fulton
Shown here: Me with Fulton School founder (my mom) Dr. Barb Fulton

Are you feeling pressured to be the perfect parent who offers an amazing childhood for our offspring?

Here’s an interesting take on that pressure, challenging us to step back a bit, to simplify, and ultimately (although she doesn’t word it this way), to let go of our children a little.

My own mom‘s 69th birthday was yesterday and she’s been on my mind a lot lately. My childhood was very similar to the author’s (including a Disney trip that I only vaguely remember).  I would nominate my mother for any Best Mother Ever award, but it was her wisdom (which I received like it or not), and time spent with her (which was usually helping her prepare or clean up dinner, or a late night talk when she was exhausted), her hugs (she hated her chubbiness, but she really gave the best hugs physically possible) which were often accompanied by advice, criticism, and challenges, and even our discussions and arguments (no topic was taboo).

Her refusal to try to make my life magical and her challenges for me to go search for my own discoveries (outside, in the kitchen, in my room, just OUT of her office!) have often given me permission as a mom to do exactly what this author suggests.  But little did either of us know that my mom’s love and struggles and honesty and desire to work on her weaknesses was magic in and of itself.

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